“It’s Amazing!”

I believe everything happens for a reason.
I don’t always understand at the time, but looking back it reads like a script and everything falls right into place. It would be so much easier if we could fast forward the remote and skip the lessons along the way but as they say, “we would have missed the dance.”

I’m glad God knows the script better than me. He was a little sneaky because everything I’ve done in my life has led me to the work I’m doing today. Without a doubt, I am doing what I’m on this earth to do. I say that from the bottom of my heart and with gratitude. I am blessed.


“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”
I’ve heard the right people will cross your path and you will know them intuitively. I’d like to introduce you to some of those special souls.

I’ll call them “My Adult Magic Five” inspiration tag team. They are Jeannine Clark, Rosalie Spaniel, June Brotherton, Ellen McLaughlin and Debbie Bream. I feel especially honored since three of them were supervisors during my career; Jeannine, Rosalie and June. They knew me professionally and personally and I am honored to have them by my side. Each one continues to inspire and support me with their special gifts and I trust them.

In the very beginning, Jeannine helped give me courage to follow my dream. I truly don’t know if I would have stepped out of my comfort zone without her. She dedicated a tremendous amount of time helping me and I am truly grateful.

Ellen McLaughlin and Debbie Bream  are two of my lifelong friends. They have given me spiritual inspiration and help me focus on doing the business in my own way, being led by God. Of course I’d like to be successful but the main reason I got into this was to inspire kids to believe in themselves. Debbie Bream says, “You hold up their best to them!” Wow!

One day, I dream of having the resources to fund a scholarship for kids who really need help. Today for me, just seeing a kid’s eyes light up is the best! I guess I’m already successful, huh?


Build it and they will come.” The Web Site
Two more people deserve a lion share of the credit and they came on the scene more recently. One is my sister, Kim Walton and the other is a designer, Rob Hall.

Kim has gone above and beyond for me because she believes in my gifts. I have learned so much from her about “paying it forward.” She truly gives from her heart because she feels God has blessed her. She is one of my dearest friends and I’m able to do the web site at this time because of her generosity.

Speaking of the web site, in the word’s of Alec Mock, “Its Amazing!” I have Rob Hall to thank for the tremendous job he did designing my site. He was another one of those people who was meant to cross my path and I recognized it immediately. My cousin, Devon Chandler worked with him in the past, and gave me his name.

To be honest, I’ve always handled all the creative work myself. I believe I do my best work when I’m set free so I told him, “Don’t be limited by my ideas.”

I’ve never told anyone that before. He took my words to heart and I’m so glad he did. The site is nothing short of PHENOMENAL. It is better than I could have ever imagined.

It’s “Amazing” what can be done when you step aside and let others shine with their gifts. I am so very humbled by Rob’s work. It deserves to be in the spotlight. I highly recommend him to everybody! His web site is


A Few Final Thoughts”
Thinking back, initially I wanted to design the posters but I didn’t want to shoot the pictures. My brother Jeff Long, was the one who encouraged me to buy a camera. He said I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone if I shot the pictures. I didn’t want to at the time but I listened. Imagine that, “I would have missed the dance!”

Last but not least, I would like to thank Coach Drew Davis and his wife Dawn. They have gone above and beyond from the beginning and I believe God sent them as angels for me. I somehow think its because they love the kids just like I do. I will always appreciate their kindness to me and to all the kids. The credits would not be complete without honoring them.

It’s clear to me that everything really does happen for a reason. In that light, God will give us all the power that we are willing to use on His behalf. I’m going to do more stepping aside in the future. I’m learning one thing you can expect is the unexpected from God.

So check back you can bet it will be nothing short of “Amazing!”