Magic Five

I believe in a magic that doesn’t just live on the streets of Disney but within the hearts of each and every one of us.

We are all in some way trying to capture the “magic” within us. If you aren’t failing you aren’t trying hard enough to follow your passion. It could be right around the next corner waiting just for you.

I am blessed with many kids in my life who have touched my heart in many ways. You may not know it but you have inspired me by who you are to follow my dream. I’m going to dream big and believe in moving it forward.

I’d like to single out “The Magic Five” inspired by your:

  • unsurpassed work ethic,
  • huge heart, opened to the less fortunate
  • unconditional, easy gentle spirit
  • deep spirituality and non judgemental attitude,
  • humility and appreciation,
  • acceptance and understanding,
  • tons of laughter and love.
“Never let anyone dictate who you are or who you can become.” Follow your dreams, with a passion. Don’t be discouraged if your told its a “long shot.” Long shots are what dreams are made of and the only failure is not to have one or to dream big enough. Find what you love and go for it. You might be surprised what you find along the way. Thanks for being my “long shots.”

You never know if you’ve made an impact in someone’s life just by being you. Always carry it forward. Aunt Deb

The Magic Five:  Briggs Darrah, JD Long, Bless Darrah, John Mangum and Anna Long. Where are they today? Stay tuned.